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Wednesday, October 1st 2008

12:50 PM

Call it Lovely


My new blog that is!! So excited to start this new blog service that will make life so much easier.  Amy at Apt A designed this for me.  The new blog will have more of an English twinge to it, meditation, recipes, business launcing, interviews, contests and all around good stuff.  See you there.  Call it Fab, call it wonderful, but make sure you call it lovely!

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Thursday, September 25th 2008

7:59 PM

Put on the red boots

I've been meaning to "pick up" a pair of red boots for a while.  I can't decide either cow -girl style or sleek trouser like the ones above.  Because nothing says "I might let you talk to me if your lucky" then a pair of red boots.

Why? Because women who wear
red boots attend art openings and have hiking sticks at home. Gals with red boots also make coffee for their husbands and then stop for a tall non fat cappuccino. They plan weekends away with their best girl friends to celebrate friendship.  Those who own red boots have friends from middle school and reminisce about first kisses and summers at the beach.

Red boots mean foreign films, a glass of Pinot Noir, and reading Jonathan Cainer.  Gals wearing red boots walk differently, sign their name with xoxo, and say words like fabulous.  Girls who wear red boots ride on the back of motorcycles and listen to electronic music. They are serial entrepreneurs, dreamers, and mothers.

Girls with
red boots know that you only get one chance to make a good impression and rarely give second chances when scorned.


You can wear cow-girl boots.  You can wear wellies.  But you better make sure they are Red.

photo credit creative commons.org jibber11


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Thursday, September 18th 2008

5:32 AM

Meditation Chick

Well I usually go to wednesday evening class and then try to do a little everyday...Because, you see, when you take a few minutes to tap into that space, you can become not only peaceful but so creative, too.  If your life is full of texting, nightly tv shows, a tv on when sleeping, how can you hear yourself?  How can you hear anyone else?{I think I hear myself a little too much, but I digress}

Take Aways from meditation class last night:

1.} Always see the unlimited potential in someone and as my teacher says, "don't you like to be around people who see all your good qualities?" [like the way grandma makes you feel]

2.} When you walk away from somebody do you leave a trail of warm and fuzzies?

3.} Last, don't take from people.  Not speaking of material things here but don't take people's energy- The world is tired.  Nobody has anything left over. The message is don't take the good or bad from people- Not their compliments, not their ill intentions, and definitely your reaction to either.

 This not taking of good or bad = detachment. Because this keeps you neutral. For example, you love someone when they say nice things, but the moment they slip up {and we all do} then you get upset.

By the way, this is a huge lesson I've been dealing with myself that came to a head the last couple of days with someone I thought I was close to.  But more on a repeated basis {make that at least 8 years}, Stealing my energy, leaving me feel like I'm in the red when they leave my presence. This wasn't an option for this person anymore and I had to address it [ugh with a family member].   I mean really, I don't want to be reminded of my imperfections everytime I see you = totally unpleasant. Unfortunatley this happens the most from those who wear the title of "friend" and "family". But this is just as much my fault because as much as I try not to "take" this bad vibration I did over the weekend...

So today, the next conversation you have, see their good stuff

 turn off the critic. I will, too. 



So here's a little meditation- enjoy.


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Saturday, September 13th 2008

8:51 AM

Play date Saturday

He was sooooooooo naughty. 




Mommy came home and found a black shoe had been chewed {only a  strap but still…}






But moms never stay mad for long.Terror Puppy’s best friend, Abu, came over.  He always has good manners.

They sit nicely for treats, play {and fight} a little, like friends do…





Abu looks out for his Mom





But she doesn’t come, so he has a rest instead…Max always shares his dog bed.




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Friday, September 12th 2008

5:33 AM




My weekend plans!


Here’s what I usually do:


1.} Read the Friday paper to find out what’s going on


2.} Mark down any festivals, fairs, etc accordingly


3.} Check out what’s for sale on Craig’s List, anything I can pick up for a dime?


4. }Note any garage sale signs that are going up around town


5.} Get a good bottle of red wine {I'm liking THe Bohemian Highway right now} and a few movies {aside: I sometimes go to our well stocked public library and daughter loves the self checkout desk pretending to be a librarian and all}


6.}Go to workshop Saturday morning


7.} Perfect a writing I did and submit it


8.}Read the Sunday paper with a cup of tea in hand [lifestyle, local, and hello the advertisements] I like eye candy so usually rip out pictures from the ads that I’m drawn to


9.}Have Sunday breakfast with Dad, take Aspen to church, then we pick an art project at English hubby’s favorite place: THE CRAFT STORE


10.} Sometime in between all of this I will do some laundry


What are you doing this weekend? By the way next weekend, is beauty weekend...I'm feeling the need for a new hair cut...


The long shag... picture here  What do you think?????





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Tuesday, September 9th 2008

5:53 AM

Its Wonderfall!

Good super windy morning to you, I am having a little breakfast [cinnamon roll] , a little coffee [vanilla iced].  I've got a massage today booked and things are well. How about you? Last night Hubby treated us to dinner out, ever had an apple margarita? Neither had i and it won't be my last.  The glass was lined in cinnamon. Cinnamon + Apples = Autumn! Aspen & I sat on the porch swing last night with the moon out, giggling and talking about first grade topics...so fun.

So I'm not sure if you saw my home page, but I've decided to move this blog to a much better service, one that allows me to organize the posts much better and will "simplify" the process.  of course I will have the new specifics by the end of the month which is the planned date to make this transition.

I still own foragingisfun.com and there will be an automatic forward to the new site!

Last, I wanted to share this link with you.  I think I want to get a PhD in Self Help.  Does Omega offer these?

Visit http://www.omega.com to check out all their workshops, want to go to one with me? It's a goal of mine to get to one of these in 2009...

OR listen to one at: http://www.eomega.org/digitaldownloads?source=ENEWS

Have a fabulous day, warm tea and great reading to you



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Wednesday, September 3rd 2008

3:50 AM

Happiness Is... dot dot dot

I admit the past few weeks I've been a little grouchy, probably went a day too long without washing my hair, and have just been too tired but as grandaddy used to say, "there's plenty of time for sleeping when you're dead" SO I'm super excited to have been selected "room mom" for Aspen's first grade class. {translation party organizer...better get the punch bowl fountain ready to go}

So how was your Labor Day Weekend?

Happiness is:



1.} Receiving the 2009 Ikea Catalog



2.} Cooking those autumn dishes with Guiness or Beer It's not your mothers pot roast when you add a little, shhhhh, spirits to the crock pot!

3.} Speaking of Autumn dishes, this is one of our favorites,  calls for cider:

Favorite Sausages with Apple Cider- Can you say Pub Grub?

I got this recipe from a newspaper in England about 4 years ago and it smells wonderful while cooking. The perfect autumn dish.

12 sausages {I use turkey}

1 med onion chopped fine

1 clove garlic chopped

1 tbs flour

7.5 oz dry cider

7 oz apple juice

½ tbs favorite oil

3 tart apples peeled and cut into thick slices

1 tbs fresh chopped lemon thyme

Salt & pepper


~heat half oil in pan and fry sausages for a few minutes

~remove sausages from pan, add more oil, and fry onion until tender.  Add flour and garlic and cook for a minute or two

~ Add cider very slowly while stirring bringing to a simmer

~ In a different pan heat oil and fry the apples.  Once browned, put the apple slices into the first pan along with sausages, apple juice, and thyme.

~ On low heat simmer for 1 hour

~Serve over creamy mashed potatoes


Bangers and Mash

Another recipe here





4.} Receiving 40 and 50% coupons to the Joannes, Michaels, and Crafts-N-Stuff.  By the way, hubby's least favorite phrase, "I'm going to the craft store!" This is usually followed by "No, I promise not to waste all my money on polly fill, scare crow decorations and candles"



5.} Craft Shows.  Here you can appreciate and support crafters vicariously.  The Indie Rock the Stitch coming to Delray in October looks to be amazing. It's retirement community craft show meets funkadelic bazaar.  Lollipop tree, cake walk anyone?


OLD SCHOOL SQUARE- Vintage Gymnasium
51 N. Swinton Ave
Delray Beach , Fl. 33444


6.} Anything monogrammed...signet rings, necklace charms, earrings, say shells?


7.} Purple or navy blue mascara


8.} White jeans {but not on guys please}



Have a happy day


Oh and last but not least


9.} Hip Tranquil chick's newest podcast, the last of a four part series for aspiring women business owners.


10.} The new fall colors {chocolate, violet, gold, cream}


"Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient" Aristotle



I want to hear your happiness list! Tell me

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Thursday, August 28th 2008

12:16 PM

Thursday and holiday weekend around the corner

I am so ready for a day of rest are you?


This week has been full of things to do and tasks to be crossed off.


My mother said to me, “You really are too hard on yourself” and I think she’s right. No you cannot write ten books, start an online empire, work full time, and be everything all at one time


AND a co worker today said, “I saw your web site!”  AC you really m ake work sooooo much fun.


So here’s a picture I saw on wholeliving.com that I think captures the week.  




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Monday, August 25th 2008

3:36 AM

live your rainbow

Is it monday already? like that feeling you get on the last day of vacation...On Friday I attended a sale on at Boston Proper mail order catalog  that has its annual sample and clearance event. This was definitely my style with huge mark downs and rummaging through racks and bins to find the goods.  I scored a crocheted sweater coat, jeans, a wrap dress, and a tunic for $65. On Saturday Ms Thang and I went to Sugar Sand Park {isn’t that the best name?} and I picked up the new Recreator catalog.  Now comes the hard part of choosing what to sign up for…writing workshop…cheerleading for her majesty…tennis…Want to sign up for something with me?

I committed myself to helping out at a workshop Friday night [was glad I did, it was a lovely talk] on the power of positive thinking and wanted to share some insights. It was not the run of the mill “change your thoughts change your life” discussion but more of a reminder how powerful our minds are. How our words and behaviors have a rippling affect and touch everything we come in contact with.  Here’s what I learned:


1.)   Think of thoughts as having a color.  Every thought sends a color out for everyone to see. Positive thoughts are pastels and colorful, while negative ones brackish, brown, & black.  If others could see colors around you what would they see? If others could tell your thoughts by looking at colors would that change the way you think?

2.)   The mind is a fragrance and infuses into everything we do.  Do you leave a trail of goodness behind you?

3.)   The mind has the ability to have 7 thoughts simultaneously {what I’m typing, what I’m going to say next, thinking what I have to do today, on and on} If the mind has such a powerful processing capacity, what other things can the mind control? Read this about the Pointing Bone. Are you constantly pointing the chronic critical thinking bone at someone?


I love podcasts so was delighted to surf around oprah's site over the weekend and listen to some of her amazing conversations with great thinkers.  Maya Angelou's show on motherhood was amazing.  Find a show here


Happy monday to you and what colors will you send out today? I choose coral.


yummy pink rose

photo credit creativecommons.org posted by buttersweet


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Tuesday, August 19th 2008

1:15 PM

Many will Enter Few Will Win

Many will enter few will win


Oh you really don’t want to know what level I found myself stooping to.  It’s right up there along with replying to Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes [and spending half an hour assembling the stamps and choosing which car you will pick out if you win] but this is oh so much worse.


1.] I am not 7 sitting at Grandma’s table telling her I will buy us a house with the winnings- I am a grown respectable 33 year old


2.] I know better


3.] The hours I’ve wasted


So here it is, I, Sarah do solemnly swear that I will never participate in a- submit a U tube video for the chance to win anything ever! And blast those companies that think they will get free PR at my expense…..mwwwaaah love ya ^$#($& Airlines, BUT NOT THAT MUCH and I can get my own tickets anywhere I want with out you [all said so sweetly]


So there is another contest I must tell you about [has the contest bug bitten me on the arse?] but this one doesn’t give you an icky feeling, in fact it gives you an I -want -to -tell -the- world- about- it I- love -it -so -much- and- you -will -too- feeling. The release of SARKS new book Juicy Pen’s Thirsty Paper has kept me awake at night.  I went to bed last night wondering if I could create such a fabulous title.


Sweaty Socks Stinky Shoes

Love Letter Hate Note

Pink Paper Blue Envelope


Not so good.  So Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper Fuzzy Blanket because have you seen her throws? Wrap up with a blanket and a copy of this book. I have the Succulent Wild Woman blanket [and can’t wait to store it in my daughter’s empowerment trunk for when she is 18] and while you are at it, hang up a How to Love a Child print {a great baby gift}



Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy's latest book Juicy Pen's Thirsty Paper is about inviting your inner writer out to lunch [or on a date] whatever you prefer, really.


I heard the saying, "Don't Compete, Create" while I was just starting out. This is my mantra now. Creating is an action a verb, it means instead of feeling _____ {I will add the Jealous word here but can be anything} I will start using my wonderful mind to create the life I want.  So what if ______ {insert name here} has __________ {insert material item here} I will create XYZ for myself..... This is why I love SARK's books [from napping to journaling to living succulently to celebrating friends and eating fruits naked} because they are all about Creating {action} and forgetting the unworthy small stuff.


Today I did a little meditating as Tropical Storm Faye rained on my party and I was home today with Ms Thang. Lots of catching up.  We had a wonderful weekend, another barbecue with our neighbors.


It's getting cooler out, care to have a cup of tea on the porch swing?




Sweet tea, warm blankets, and good books to you!





Many will enter few will win...


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